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Worktops in Kendal

The Kendal Based Worktop Supplier

Do you have plans for a home renovation and want to install the new kitchen? With a finishing touch, a bespoke kitchen worktop may give your space that extra wow factor.

Stone kitchen worktops have grown in popularity over the years because of their distinct appearance and ease of maintenance. While custom stone worktops can be more expensive, they represent exceptional value because they will last a lifetime and never cease to impress if properly cared for.

We can provide a wide choice of modern kitchen worktops as a bespoke kitchen company, including composite stone, marble, granite, toughened glass, wood, stainless steel, and polished concrete, among others. Pop-up plugs, lights, and hidden gas hobs are just a few of the features we may incorporate into a contemporary kitchen worktop.

Deciding on a Worktop – Which Things Need Your Consideration?

Consider how you use your kitchen: do you frequently create meals with many spicy colours, or do you regularly shift hot items from the stove to the oven? Different types of worktops are better suited to other cooking methods and cuisines. A mixture of beauty and functionality is the greatest option. In our worktop’s gallery, you will find some inspiration.

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Zoning with Kitchen Worktops

The latest kitchen islands we build, for example, employ different heights and different work surfaces to designate zones – for cooking, prepping – on a practical stainless-steel worktop – and dining – at a solid Wedge wood breakfast bar. Please take a peek at our plethora of work-related top ideas.

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Natural Stone Worktops

Beautiful, unique, and exotic natural stone is difficult to beat in terms of appearance and durability. The same piece will never be discovered again once it has been crushed, and you will have something that is not only gorgeous but also distinct. So, allow a magnificent piece to make an appearance in your designer kitchen once you have found it.

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Contemporary Materials

Stainless steel offers an industrial and professional look to your kitchen. Its usage in the kitchen has increased significantly over time. Similarly, polished concrete requires special maintenance, even though wear and tear add to its character and the gloss improves with age. Toughed glass is long-lasting and comes in one piece and eliminates the need for joints. In an expensive kitchen, it might seem stunning with additional lighting.

New Worktops - No Compromises

The benefit of having a bespoke kitchen worktop installed is that you do not need to make any compromises. As a result, you have greater control, flexibility, and choice when using a full-service worktop company. Extra choices like recessed sink areas, splash-backs, and windowsills are also available when you opt for customisation.

We can provide unique combinations of edges, stones, and finishes to help you develop your dream kitchen design because we manufacture everything in-house.

Custom Worktops - Custom Sizing

Every home is unique, and each room may have its peculiar dimensions and angles. Working with a bespoke countertop provider in Kendal rather than a high street kitchen store has several advantages, including the ability to have a worktop of any size, thickness, or shape. This means that your worktop will be seamless and custom-made to your kitchen’s specifications.

Our skilled worktop designers will come to your home or business to take measurements and generate a very accurate design template, which will then be sent to our facility for manufacturing. So, you’ll be a part of the process from start to finish, and we will ensure that your dream turns into reality.