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Glass Balustrades in Kendal

Bespoke Glass Balustrade Specialists Operating in Kendal

Our expert team creates customised glass balustrades for homeowners and businesses in Kendal. For the past ten years, we have been installing glass balustrades for clients all around Kendal.

In addition, our design team will collaborate with you to develop a custom balustrade for your patio, balcony, mezzanine level, or roof terrace. Our glass balustrades are a stylish solution that will suit any modern home with their contemporary styling and simple design.

We have various balustrade systems available, including top railings and frameless glass barriers for creating a practically invisible safety barrier.

Choosing Glass Balustrade Designs

Now is the time to start planning your ideal balustrade. We can assist you whether you are a large corporation that requires our items on a huge scale or a single individual who wants to install something in your home. One of our Kendal-based joiners will come to your home or business, take the correct measurements to quote for the parts and glass required.

Wood Pro Carpentry Solutions provides bespoke glass balustrade systems that are safe, thoroughly tested, and simple to install. We take pleasure in carrying products that have been extensively tested and offered with certification from internationally recognised testing agencies so that you can shop with confidence from us.

Why Choose Our Glass Balustrdaes?

Wood Pro Joinery - Commercial Glass Balustrades in Lancaster

For our balustrades, we exclusively utilise the best quality toughened glass. Our glass balustrades comply with all UK requirements, making them appropriate for commercial and residential applications.

To secure the panel and meet regulatory safety requirements, four clamps are needed for each square metre of toughened glass. Our staff has been installing customised glass balustrades in Kendal for over a decade and is highly qualified and experienced.

Benefits Of Installing Balustrades:

WoodPro Carpentry Solutions in Kendal - Image of Glass Balustrade on Marble Flooring (1)

There are many benefits of installing Glass Balustrades into your property, commercial or residential.

– Long-lasting because they are made of toughened glass
– Safer option as they permit high visibility of the balustraded area
– Do not block natural light
– Suitable for both indoor and outdoor situations
– Can be used in both domestic and commercial settings
– The glass is weather-resistant and easy to clean
– A modern and elegant solution for modern structures